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Bruce Willis from Die Hard
Frank Miller Style Superman
Frank Miller Style Batman
Harvey Keitel as Mr. White from Reservoir Dogs
Bill Murray Portrait from Life Aquatic
Ian McShane as Al from Deadwood
Frank Miller Style Batman with Battle Damage
Peter, Olivia and Walter from Fringe TV Series
Bela Lugosi as Dracula
Michael C Hall as Dexter Morgan from Dexter TV Series
Jesse, Walter and Mike from Breaking Bad
Walter, Gus and Jesse from Breaking Bad
Don Draper from Mad Men TV Series
Hank, Hector and Gus from Breaking Bad
Dan Akroyd as Ray Stanz from Ghostbusters
DISCLAIMER: The images shown above are strictly intended for the purposes of visually showing potential clients a visual portfolio of projects worked on by Rocco Tartamella with the sole interest in showing the flexibility and diversity of his sculpting styles from realistic to cartoon with the ability to do so in various sizes.